The importance of Unconditional Love


Observation shows that many diseases are connected to issues relating to LOVE.

The source of stresses these sufferers have are issues related to love. These include loneliness, resentment, rejection, intimacy issues, fear of being loved or of not being loved, disappointments in personal relationships and guilt over not fulfilling the expectations of another.

We all need love. We thrive on love and we break apart without it. This includes self-love and love of others.

If people think that they don’t have genuine love in their lives, they become involved in relationships where they hope to find love but are disappointed. They start to manipulate for love. Some people develop illnesses in order to receive even the slightest amount of loving attention. Many people find it extremely difficult to establish emotional satisfaction and security in their relationships.

Solution: stop seeking love from others and accept Unconditional love, which is affection without any limitations, as the main form of love and the way to live your life.

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  1. Marcos says:

    Thank you for telling me. I am very happy, it has inspired me. Thank you. With lots of unconditional love I wish you and good luck Love C

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