Intuitive Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a highly intuitive time in a woman’s life. Your intuition or ‘six sense’ naturally increases and you can use this to stay healthy and vibrant. More importantly, you can connect to your baby and keep this sacred bond from the time of conception and even earlier.

Healthy Pregnancy from A to Z: An Expectant Parent’s Guide to Wellness.

By Dr Irina Webster


Pregnancy & Intuition.
Mother & Baby Intuitive Bond.
Father & Baby Intuitive Bond.

Pregnancy is an exciting time. But it can be hard to cope with different advice from tender-hearted family and friends who want you to have a Healthy Pregnancy.

Questions arise such as what is healthy to eat? Should I exercise and how? What life style should I have? What to believe in while pregnant? What about relaxation and maintaining good relationships? Are pre-pregnancy preparations important?

This book is a deep exploration of the most important question “How to Be Healthy during Pregnancy?” And it shows you a way to health and wellbeing while expecting a child.

Price : $24.99 + Postage
Price : $9.99

Reading this book you will discover:

  • 5 Healthy Pregnancy Principles.
  • The healthiest things to do each month during pregnancy.
  • Your baby’s development, what they can do and what they can sense each week throughout the duration of the pregnancy.
  • 21 Best pregnancy foods.
  • How to maintain your sex life during pregnancy.
  • 7 healing meditation techniques for pregnancy.
  • Special exercise complexes during pregnancy.
  • Beneficial yoga poses for different stages of pregnancy.
  • 13 ways to bond with your unborn child.
  • The safe herbal remedies to heal pregnancy complaints.
  • Natural ways to keep your skin, hair and teeth beautiful during pregnancy.
  • How to love your pregnant body.
  • Several techniques on self-massage to heal and rejuvenate you during pregnancy.
  • How a father-to-be can be a loving partner and a caring dad.
  • How to quit your bad habits during pregnancy.
  • How music can benefit your pregnancy and what kind of music you should avoid when expecting.
  • Steps to ensure a healthy birth and fast, natural recovery.

Secrets to Getting Pregnant

By Dr Irina Webster


Secrets to Getting Pregnant is rich in Practical information and effective strategies on how to get pregnant if you have difficulties conceiving.

Discover the principles to falling pregnant naturally from women who succeeded despite long years of trying even after failing many medical tests and procedures regarding their inability to conceive.

A unique way to balance your conscious and subconscious minds, preparing them for motherhood and for attracting a child into your life.

Price : $24.99 + Postage
Price : $9.99