How to Understand Your Body Messages.

One way to listen to your body’s messages is by regularly connecting to your body. There are only two places you can be – in the mind and in the body.

When you think, analyse, rationalize, judge, criticize or compare things –you are in the mind. Being in the body is a sensual experience. You feel and sense rather than think. It is when you listen to your gut and  your chest  rather than your thoughts.

To be able to listen to your body you must learn to relax your body, keep it soft rather tense and rigid. You must be able accept what you feel in a situation rather than just think of it. One way to do that is to meditate.

The other way, when you need to establish a quick connection to your body, you just sit and relax. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Focus on your breath for 1-2 min. Stop any thoughts. Put your hands on your chest or on your gut area.

Then ask questions: ‘My dear body, what can you tell me about this situation?’ Or ‘My dear heart, what can you tell me about this relationship with this person?’ Or ‘My dear gut, what can you tell me about me getting a new job or moving into a new place  or travelling to a particular destinations?’

Listen to the answers… Answers may come in a form of a picture, a thought, a feeling or a sense, or subtle energy changes in your body.

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