How to Make Intuitive Decisions .

When you need to make an important decision in life what do you listen to? Just a pure logic? Or do you consult your body and your intuition? Well, to stay healthy and happy you must be able to listen to your intuition – not just your logic.

Intuition is the language of your soul. To be able to make an intuitive decision, you must be able to relax first of all. Take a few deep breath in and out. Connect to your gut or to your chest by placing your hands on the area and breath through it. Keep breathing through the area for 1-2 min until the connection is established.  You will know that connection is established, when you start sensing your ‘subtle body energy’ in this body spot.

Then begin to ask questions about what you need to know.

Say: “My dear body what can you tell me about this situation, or about this relationship, or about my job or about my next trip, etc? “

Listen to the answers. The answers come in form of pictures, energy changes, sensations, thoughts or feelings.

Then, before you go to bed, meditate for a few minutes. Then ask for an intuitive dream. Say “Can I have a dream that shows me a solution to my situation? Or Can I have a dream that helps me heal my relationship? Or Can I have a dream to heal my body?”

Write down the request on a paper and put this paper under your pillow. Next morning record your dream. See how the pictures, feelings and messages from the dream connect to your current situation.


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