Overcome Genital Herpes.

One Couples Fight For A New Life.

geh herpes2.jpgWhen my husband told me to go ďget checkedĒ for Genital Herpes because he has it - I was absolutely ruined and shocked. I thought my life and our life together suddenly came to an end.  Shame and sadness were the only things left for us.

Now, a few years later, we are healthy, cured and happy again. We stopped the Genital Herpes, regained a healthy sex life again and are very proud of what we have achieved.

Dear Friends

genital gerpes photo2.jpgMy name is Sharon Stevens and I am the wife of a husband who caught genital herpes virus HSV-2 from me, but I didnít know that before I had a test (and I am a registered nurse!).

I probably contracted the genital herpes virus a while ago (I donít know exactly when) but the virus laydormant for a long time inside my body. My husband got it from me and he was the first to show all the classical signs of a Genital herpes outbreak.

I didnít get a classical outbreak until after him and I initially thought that I got the virus from him. But, I was mistaken.

The medical tests showed that I got this infection much earlier than my dear husband but my initial symptoms were so mild that I mistook them for a simple irritation. 

Here is my story...

Sharonís story.

Like I said before I donít know the exact date when I contracted herpes because of the obscurity of my initial symptoms but I assume it was from my former boyfriend and he was the one who infected me.

I met this person two years before I met my husband. We met at a friendís birthday party and we were infatuated with each other almost immediately. He was funny, talkative and friendly. He had just returned from a two year business trip to China: he was 32 single and quite handsome.

At the time I was a single 33 year old woman and was thinking about finding a long-time relationship; after all I didnít want to miss the boat and I wasnít getting any younger.

Our courtship turned into a sexual relationship on our fourth date. Soon (maybe a week or two later) I had some discomfort in my genital area, very light itchiness and a bit of spotting. The symptoms were very light and I thought it was something related to my normal period and/or the sexual intercourse, as it was quite fierily.

The symptoms lasted a few days only and disappeared. Since then I started to have the same symptoms before every period but again I thought these are normal because the discomfort was so mild and there were no classical blisters or anything like that.

After 6 months he told me that he needed to go overseas again for a long business trip. Initially we e-mailed each other very often but with time his letters became drier and drier. Finally I realized that he met someone else there and I stopped our correspondence.

I was single again. The itchiness and light discomfort before my period continued but I was use to it and didnít think anything was wrong.

About a year later, I got an e-mail from my school friend about a school class reunion they were going to organize in a few weeks and I was invited. The meeting was at a friendís house and many people came to it.

Amongst all the people who turned up was Andrew Ė he was in the same class with me in the last year of high school but we didnít real meet each other as I was in a different group of friends at the time, and the reunion was really the first time we even spoke to each other.

Andrew is the person who became my husband a bit later. We started dating and I thought that at last I found what I always wanted: a family, love, and the chance to have children and to raise them together with a loved and loving man.

But God had a bigger challenge for usÖ

One day Andrew came home worried and I asked him what was the matter and how could I help. It was at this time he told me about his genital herpes. I was devastated and shocked!

Initially I thought he was cheating on me with someone else. Or he had hid the truth about the herpes which he must have had before our relationships began.

I was angry, thinking about divorce and wondering why the hell it happened to me.  Andrew felt guilty and ashamed. He kept saying that he never cheated on me and was faithful and that he had no idea where he got the herpes from.

Anyway, the next day we both decided to go to a doctor and get some answers. We went through many medical tests and special counseling.

When the test result came back I was shocked againÖThe results showed that I had genital herpes too and I had this infection much longer than Andrew had it.  The test actually showed that I probably contracted it a few years ago. But Andrewís herpes infection had just started and was really new.

This news was like a hit over the head with a heavy rock. I had no idea how this could happened to me? I thought I have never had herpes. I could not even imagine myself having an STD (especially genital herpes)!!!

From talking to the doctor and a counselor I learned that a genital herpes infection is not always obvious and that sometimes people can be infected but have no symptoms at all or have very mild obscure symptoms which are easy to mistake for simple irritation or normal period things.

Only then I started thinking back and analyzing the events of my past which could be relevant to me contracting the genital herpes infection. I recalled my former boyfriend who just came back from a long trip to China, my mild irritation and discomfort in the genital area before periods and how I thought that the symptoms were just normal things related to my period. 

I told my thoughts to the doctor and he said that it looks like exactly what probably had happed to me and it is where and when I contracted the herpes virus.

The difficult thing for me was to tell Andrew that it was me who gave the infection to him and not the other way around. I felt guilty and ashamed, I was thinking about a way to tell him what had happened exactly, this was very difficult for me to do.

When I came home Andrew was there also after his work and he was just about to start cooking dinner for us. He behaved like nothing had ever happened between us.

Noticing that I looked upset and thinking that he was the culprit and that I still thought that he cheated on me. He came up to me and tried to hug me; I pulled away a bit and said that I needed to tell him something. We sat on the sofa side by side and I told him that he got the herpes from me and that I had it probably for a long time but didnít know about it until now.

Andrew looked at me, leaned over and kissed me, I cried! He was calm and gentle. He reassured me that everything is OK and that his feelings for me had not change. He also said that he believes that true marriage is about sharing: sharing joy and happiness, sadness, difficulties and all the experiences life brings.

This was the moment in my life I will always remember. I will always associate it with something we call true love and acceptance.

Just before my next period I had a very severe outbreak of genital herpes first time in my life. My doctor said that it could be due to the stress I had just gone through.

We both (Andrew and me) were put on medication which caused me lots of side effects: nausea, tiredness, vomiting and headaches.  My doctor said that I have to take them anyway during each outbreak to reduce the symptoms.

But the side effects were so debilitating that I couldnít possibly continue to take them especially as my outbreaks had become quit frequent now for some reason.

Andrew also complained about the stomach pain and nausea when he was taking the drugs.

So I started to search for a better ďcureĒ then the drugs. The result of my search showed that you can stop the outbreaks so they never come back again using the correct methods.  

I found 17 things about Genital Herpes you should know about and why stopping your outbreaks once and for all is very important:

1.   The only true ďcureĒ for genital herpes is prevention of the outbreaks. You can stop outbreaks coming back and eliminate them from your life completely.

2.   The most important thing you should learn to do is act to stop the herpes outbreaks and protect your partner from contracting herpes by recognising prodrome. (A slight tingling sensation just before outbreak)

3.   Rejection in a relationship normally occurs not just because of the herpes. If your partner rejects you saying that the reason was your herpes Ė donít take it as a death sentence. This only means that there were other problems in your relationship and your partner is looking for a way out of the relationship.

4.   There are plenty of people who marry people with herpes or want to be their partners. You just need to be upfront about it and tell the truth.

5.   Medications like Zoviarx, Famvir, and Valtrex are not the cures for Genital herpes (many people think they are) and they only help to relieve the pain and help you to cope with the outbreaks.

6.    Having herpes sores makes it easier for HIV virus that causes AIDS, to enter your body. So when you have an outbreak you have an increased risk of getting AIDS, so donít be promiscuous during this time.

7.    If you have an outbreak during pregnancy you can give the genital herpes infection to your baby (the risk is especially high if you catch it in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy). But donít worry there are proven ways to stop the infection spreading to the baby.

8.    You must tell any sex partner about your genital herpes even though you havenítí had an outbreak for a long time. Then you and your partner can make an informed decision about sex. It may also help your relationship in the long run. Your partner is likely to appreciate your honesty.

9.    People can have a genital herpes infection for years without knowing it. So, if your partner has been with you for a while and suddenly got a genital herpes Ė this does not mean he/she was unfaithful to you.

10. Herpes is a common infection. As many as 50% to 80% of adults are infected with the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). About 25% of people are infected with the herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). But up to 90% of those who have it don't know they are infected. You could be one of them. Both of the viruses HSV-1 and HSV-2 can cause genital herpes although HSV-1 is more commonly associated with oral cold sores on the lips.

11. Some people infected with genital herpes donít have any symptoms at all, while others get symptoms that can be easily mistaken for razor burn, pimples, bug bites, itch, hemorrhoids, an ingrown hair or a vaginal yeast infection.

12. Just wearing a latex condom during sex is not always good protection against genital herpes, because you still can get the virus from other unprotected areas : thighs, buttocks, lips and etc.

13. It is common to get genital herpes by receiving oral sex (fellatio, cunnilingus, analingus) from someone with a cold sore on the mouth. Likewise, you can get oral herpes from someone's genitals by way of oral sex.

14. Over-the-counter medications for herpes infections (including genital herpes) donít work very well, if they work at all. Many studies have been done and these meds have been tested Ė they didnít reduce the severity of outbreaks much at all. You must look for alternative treatments.

15. When you have an outbreak your chances of getting other STDís are doubled. Herpes virus decreases your immunity and makes you susceptible to any other infections around. Building up your immunity is the way to stop this happening.

16. Improving your immune status can stop you having outbreaks once for all.

17. The best genital herpes treatment is not just taking drugs and hoping for the best. There is much you can do to stop outbreaks once for all.

As a registered nurse I have tried many antiviral medications (drugs) which were advised to us by doctors. But the problem with antiviral medications is that the herpes virus becomes immune to it overtime, thus the effectiveness of the drugs lessens the more you use them. Plus antiviral medications can give you serious side effects like nausea, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea and severe allergic reaction.  
         Thatís why you need natural treatments to stop your herpes.

In my book ďOvercome Genital HerpesĒ you will get valuable knowledge on:

         How to stop having outbreaks.

         How to identify prodrome (early signs regarding an outbreak)

         How to stop an outbreak within 72 hours or less.

         How to avoid giving the herpes virus to someone you love.

         How to break the news about Genital Herpes to your partner.

         How to stay in loving relationship if you have Genital Herpes.

         How to avoid rejection in future relationships if you have Genital Herpes.

         How to cope with rejection in case you were rejected already.

         How to regain confidence in yourself regarding dating and meeting people if you have Genital Herpes.

         How not to be stigmatized by the disease and have the freedom you had before the herpes.

         How to behave if you're pregnant or are planning to become pregnant and have genital herpes.

         How to boost your immune system in order to stop your herpes from ever coming back.

Many people have already used my method to treat their genital herpes and I am glad for their successes. Here are some of the experiences after reading my book:

Hi Sharon

My husband and I both have genital herpes. The eruptions appeared on our buttocks and thighs. We were both getting them at least every 3 weeks and it was driving us crazy. We used Acyclovir cream, which helps with the pain, but didnít reduce the severity of the outbreaks. I never thought that natural treatments could be that efficient until I tried what you describe in your book.

It is over 12 month now since we had our last outbreaks. They seem to have disappeared. And not only that: we feel better too, emotionally, spiritually and physically Ė liked never before!!!

And because of that our sex life is thriving. We became more intimate and close to each other Ė more than ever. I am looking forward now to every day and every night Ė so is my husband.

Thanks again for your book and for sharing your experiences with us.

Anita and Jon . Texas, USA


Hello Sharon,

Thank you! It looks like you brought some luck into my life. Recently I met a guy who I fall in love with. Before we got intimate I told him about my herpes problem following the recommendations in your book.

I didn't apologize for having it, I was honest and up front, I didn't belittle it, nor did I make it out to be something bigger than it was. I was shaking like a bag of leaves... he looked at me, leaned over and kissed me for the first time. I cried!

He said it didn't change how he felt about me and it didn't change anything between us. We have been together ever since and enjoy a happy and healthy sex life. He is fully aware of the risks and consequences of sleeping with me, and has chosen not use a condom.

My outbreaks stoped many months ago and I hope never have them again. Now I believe it is possible because I truly believe in your treatment Sharon.

You are my angel. I wish you more love and happiness.

Rebecca, NSW, Australia


Dear Sharon,
Before I read your book I thought that I should not even anticipate ever getting married again. Your book gave me so much inspiration that it is possible to start a new healthy sex life again after contracting genital herpes so I started implementing your recommendations.

The result was that I am going to be married in a few month to a guy I met at my sisterís birthday party. He accepted me for what I am and fell in love with me completely.

The Herpes outbreaks donít bother me anymore because I know how to control them. I said to myself that as long as I follow your recommendations Ė Iíll be fine.

I am looking forward to having a family and children and I know that genital herpes will never stop me doing anything.

Thanks heaps.
Ann, NY


Hello Sharon.
I was a widow for 7 years. I got herpes from my deceased husband. I never thought about dating again because of the stigma attached to this problem.

But your book gave me confidence. I know now how to control my outbreaks and how to avoid spreading the infection to the other person.

I have started dating again and at the moment I am seeing a very nice man who I want to became my close friend and partner. Wish me good luck. I really want it.

Religiously following your precious advise, 
Lyn .USA

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