7 Steps to Release Negative Emotions From Your Body

It’s not easy to deal with painful emotions head-on. But it’s a key to good health and well-being physically, mentally and spiritually. Destructive emotions have tendency to compound inside the body and create emotional toxicity later on — showing up as insomnia, hostility and anger or fear and anxiety.

As a further complication, if you don’t deal with negative feelings of anger and fear, you’re likely to turn them inward on yourself, believing, “It’s all my fault.” You start to feel guilty, shameful and uncomfortable with yourself. This state depletes your physical, emotional and spiritual energy until you feel exhausted, paralyzed, and depressed.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. A good thing is that you can learn how to recognize painful emotions right away and how to effectively release them.

These 7 steps can help you be free from negativity and eliminate emotional pain:

1. Identify the feeling. What is this? – (anger, sadness, frustration etc.). Name it out loud. Acknowledge it.
2. Where in the body is it located? (Chest, upper belly, lower belly, neck etc.)
3. Place your hands on this spot and take a few deep breaths. Breathe through this particular spot for 5-10 minutes.
4. Give that emotion a colour, say grey or black, and visualise that colour moving out of your body with your breath.
5. Ask: ‘Intuitive Healing Power, please remove this feeling of (anger, fear, frustration etc…) from my body.’
6. Now you need to replace this negative emotion with a positive and constructive one. Imagine a colour that makes you feel happy, light and joyful. For example, yellow can symbolise happiness, pink – love, orange – confidence and sexiness.

Visualise drinking that colour into your body to replace the negative emotion you had.
7. Say ‘Thank you, thank you, and thank you” and feel grateful.

To release an emotion you can also do exercises such as running, boxing or dancing. Use movement as an emotional release. Or put on some music. Listen to a song that speaks to you in relation to that emotion, breathe through that feeling and recognise what it means.

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2 Responses to 7 Steps to Release Negative Emotions From Your Body

  1. Dyan says:

    Dear Dr. Irina,Your lectures are very interesting and let me congratulate you for your effort to make life easier, pain free and medicine free. As far as I know the ancient healthy life style system developed by the Chinese is, though wholesome it is least complex. Eat only when you are hungry, drink only if you are thirsty, take rest when you are tired and sleep during the night hours because we humans are not nocturnal by nature. Just going by nature, these simple doctrines will keep one entirely healthy in body, mind and spirit.I am a novice to this wonderful system and hope to make a positive change in those suffering around us.Love and best regards. Saju Kurian

  2. Irina Webster says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Saju.

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